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"I know I need to maintain focus deep in MTTs to have the best results... I just hit a wall a few hours in or when I take too many bad beats."

Sound familiar?

If you're reading this right now I'm guessing it's because you are looking to gain an extra edge in online MTTs by improving your mental game.

But where should you start? 

I'm going to share a powerful habit that many of the top MTT players are using on a daily basis to increase their focus and reduce tilt.  

I'm also going to ​show you a simple way to add it to your daily grind, so you can start using it right away.

Before I do, let's get the introductions out of the way...

My name is Elliot Roe.

I'm a mental game coach and hypnotherapist who specializes in helping poker players and athletes achieve maximum performance.

I've worked with over 200 poker players one on one, and thousands more have downloaded at least one of my Mental Game MP3s.

When I first started working with online MTT players, I quickly noticed 3 mental leaks that where shared by most:

  • They struggled to maintain focus for full sessions
  • They tilted or stopped playing their "A-game" after a series of bad beats or losing a big stack
  • They quickly became burned out, even when things were seeming going well

This meant that some very talented players consistently fell short of their potential.

It was so common that I immediately started to look for a way I could help solve these problems.

More importantly I wanted to find a way players could do it on their own, with minimal effort and a small time commitment.

My research led me to study high performing athletes and competitors to see how they were able to obtain and maintain a winning mindset, and I found that…

Elite Competitors Make Mental Excellence a Habit

Nearly all high level competitors have a set of pre-game routines or habits that they use before a game or match, or even before big moments in the middle of the competition.

The clearest example is Rafael Nadal, who is arguably the greatest tennis player of all time.

His routines go so far that many people think of them as just strange superstitions.

Here is one of his routines:

  • Check rackets
  • Adjust socks so they are the exact same length
  • Sip from a water bottle
  • Open second water bottle, take a sip from that one
  • Precisely set the two water bottles next to each other
  • Walk onto the court making sure to step over each line online with his right foot

Seems Crazy Right?

While it might be a little bit over the top, it serves a specific purpose.

Here’s a quote from him on the subject:

Some call it superstition, but it’s not. If it were superstition, why would I keep doing the same thing over and over whether I win or lose? It’s a way of placing myself in a match, ordering my surroundings to match the order I seek in my head.

-Rafael Nadal

What he’s saying is that the routine puts his mind in a position for optimal performance.

Pro athletes aren’t the only competitors who use routines to improve mental performance.

Josh Waitzkin, the child chess prodigy and subject of the book and movie “Searching for Bobby Fisher” wrote about this practice in his book “The Art of Learning”

(which is a MUST read for any poker player)

He describes the routine as “The Trigger” and says:

The point to this system of creating your own trigger is that a physiological connection is formed between the routine and the activity it precedes. Once the routine is internalized, it can be used before any activity and a similar state of mind will emerge.

-Josh Waitzkin

He credits his pre competition rituals as a huge part of his success in chess, and vital to him winning a martial arts world championship later in life.

Have you ever played a session where all your decisions flowed easy and seemed effortless?

Where it seemed like time slowed and you could understand the moves your opponents were making better than they could?

It’s just like Neo at the end of The Matrix where he can see the “source code” and beat his opponents effortlessly.

This state of mind is known as “The Zone”, and it’s the holy grail of mental performance.

Whether they know it or not, these elite competitors are using their habits to get into “The Zone” before it’s time to perform.

So How Can Poker Players Use This To Gain an Edge?

Josh Waitzkin dedicates an entire chapter in his book to teaching the process of creating your own pre-game habits.

It looks something like this:

Find an activity in your life that already gives you a sense of calm, serenity or flow.

This might be going to the gym, playing a video game, talking with a friend or cooking.

The key is that it’s something you already do regularly that puts you in a good state of mind (almost everyone has something in their life that fits this criteria, but if you don’t, meditation is a good place to start)

Once you find this activity you then build a 4-5 step routine to go through an hour before you do that activity, such as:

  • Eat a light snack
  • Stretch
  • Meditate 
  • Listen to a Specific Song

What you’re doing here is linking the mindset you get from performing your “serenity activity” with your routine.

You then go through this process everyday for about a month.

By that time, you should be able to go through the same routine before you play a session, and start off with a great mindset.

Eventually you can shorten the routine down to just a few minutes, and still maintain the same results.

I’ve found that it’s good to create a routine that compliments a good poker mindset, such as meditation, studying specific game concepts, or listening to calming music.

While in theory you could create a routine of eating a Big Mac Meal and slurping down a huge soda, this would likely cause more harm than good.

You now know have the essential knowledge to create your own "Get in The Zone" routine, and could get started with it right away.

However, you should know that…

Creating Your Own Pre-Game Routine Is Hard

Many players get super motivated to do this routine for a week, but aren’t able to go the full month it takes to fully connect the routine to the peaceful state of mind.

These routines are powerful, but only if you’re able to go through the entire process of creating the routine.

If you miss a few days in a row you pretty much have to start all over from square one.

I wanted to develop a tool to simplify the process, so anyone could get these benefits without needing to spend tons of time building and maintaining their own routine.

What I did was combine my experience as a hypnotherapist and knowledge of visualization techniques to create a MP3 audio program that take the guess work out of developing an effective pre-game routine.



The easiest way to get in “The Zone” before your MTT sessions.

Online MTT Warm Up MP3

To use this MP3, just find a quite place where you can close your eyes before you start a session.

Just make sure you’re not driving or doing anything else that requires attention… You will become VERY relaxed!

I start by guiding you to a state of deep relaxation and calm. 

I then use visualization techniques to build that relaxation into a state of energy, focus and concentration.

You will then be ready to start your session with a mindset to play your best ever poker.

My Online MTT Warm Up MP3s is the Fastest Way to Add This Mental Game Boosting Routine To You Game

Here are some of the benefits users of this MP3 have reported:​

  • Increased focus so you can play longer sessions
  • Improved concentration allowing you to make more profitable decisions
  • Tilt less often and a reduction in frustration from bad beats
  • Less anxiety so you can once again enjoy playing the game
  • Improved mental recovery so you can relax when not playing and come back full of energy
  • Improved motivation to get in more volume and play your best ever poker

You could spend hours researching and developing your own pre-game routine, then at least 30 days connecting the routine to the desired mindset.


​You could just pop in your headphones and use the MP3s that I developed and that has been used by over 1000 poker player already to get the same results.

Normally my Online MTT Warm Up Sells for $25​

You've requested my Break Maximizer MP3, ready this whole article and shown that you are eager improve your MTT results. I’d like you to see how well these MP3s work together in improving your mental game.

That’s why I’m going to let you have the Online MTT MP3 for only $10. That’s 60% off the normal price.​

Click the “Add to Cart” Button and take the first step to the strong mental game you need to be successful in the current Online MTT environment.​

Get INSTANT Access To The Online MTT Warm Up MP3

Online MTT Warm Up MP3

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Hear From Players Who've Used My MP3s

Marc "aznAllin007" Alioto Ranked #1 on Merge in 2014

In the past two years, I have been using Elliot Roe’s “Online MTT” MP3 daily and the result has been my most profitable years to date. Being able to deal with the stress has also resulted in a much happier lifestyle off the felt. Thanks Elliot!

I loaded up Elliot's pre-game and break time mp3s for the first time to go along with the start of WCOOP and lo-and-behold I managed to win event #1! I can confidently assert that listening to the Mp3s was an essential element to capturing the title. They helped me maintain levels of calm, focus, patience, and confidence that I've never achieved before!

Peter "RcknTheSbrbs"Nigh Winner 2015 WCOOP #1
Jonathan Little
WPT Season VI Player of the Year

I listened to the mp3 every day before and after the $25,000 WPT main event and I feel like I put in 4 of the best days of poker in my life. I was paying attention well, not tilting, and picking up small tells much better. Thanks Elliot!

Get INSTANT Access To The Online MTT Warm Up MP3

Online MTT Warm Up MP3

Add to Cart - Just $10

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