What People Are Saying About Elliot Roe

Fedor Holz

Former GPI #1 Player In The World
w/ $32,000,000+ Lifetime Earnings

I’ve been working with mental coaches for about 3 years now and I’m very happy I got to know Elliot.

He has a very refreshing character, sharp mind and effortlessly puts the focus on the important things you have to deal with.

He mastered the concept ofteaching you how to self-improve and step by step – with the help of hypnosis – leads you to anenormous increase in self-consciousness.

I’m a big fan of his methods and I’d highlyrecommend him to anyone striving for success

Chris “Apotheosis” Kruk

I’m a really science and math kind of guy and am extremely quick to dismiss anything even remotely connected to religion/beliefs/psychology etc… I sort of immediately pooled Elliot into the category of guys who believed in these hocus pocus type things (his ad on 2p2 referred to “hypnosis” at the time which didn’t help gain my trust). Already more than skeptical, I decided to book 5 sessions and just give it a go, deciding that the fee wasn’t particularly steep in the case I was wrong (which seemed highly likely) but if (by some miracle) it actually worked out, I’d have saved myself a lot of money in the long run.

I have to say, I’m extremely happy I pursued the sessions. It may very well be the most important decision of my career. Elliot has taught me that there are many kinds of mental game leaks, not just tilt. Some of these are easier to fix, others are much harder (like tilt). Elliot is capable of helping you with all of these. Some of them are solved immediately after the first session and are as simple as eating a good meal, or sleeping well. Others require multiple sessions and require a real shift in the way you think about the game. Each one you fix adds to your edge in the games and saves you money long term. I promise if you play poker seriously for any reasonable stakes that these sessions will be well worth your time.

Berri Sweet

I was skeptical of the performance/life coach space as a whole. And I was already having the best results of any headsup poker player in the world. But because my life balance kept crashing, I decided to reach out to Elliot as a shot in the dark. I can’t believe how much his help has improved my performance and bettered my life in general. Don’t be as stupid as I was in terms of waiting around for too long to get help.

Michael Addamo

Professional Poker Player | $20 Million in Tournament Winnings

Working with Elliot gave me the ability to reach my full potential and align my actions with my values. He taught me how to have mental toughness, and how to manage unhelpful thoughts, allowing me to be more focused I'm very excited to keep working with Elliot so I can both continue to succeed in poker and whatever ventures come next.

Jonathan Little

WPT Season VI Player of the year

I listened to the MP3 every day before and after the $25,000 WPT main event and I feel like I put in 4 of the best days of poker in my life. I was paying attention well, not tilting, and picking up small tells much better.

Thanks Elliot!

Haralabos Voulgaris

To do what I do, you need a focused mind and the confidence to trust your decision making in the face of uncertainty.

From working with Elliot I saw marked improvements in each of those areas, as well as the ability to step back and enjoy life more.

Scott Blumstein

2017 WSOP Main Event Champion

Making the WSOP Main Event Final Table is every poker player’s dream, and it’s hard to understand the pressure and intensity of the moment until youexperience it yourself.

Working with Elliot allowed me to stay calm, maintain focus, and execute the plays that led me to win it all for $8,150,000.


FTOPS, SCOOP and Sunday Million WinnerElliot taught me how to treat poker with respect and with that I learned to respect myself.

I am truly grateful that someone along the road recommended him to me, because without him I surely wouldn’t have come this far.


6x Triple Crown Winner

Elliot has very unique approach to the mental game concepts, and even though I have worked a lot on my mental game over the years I feel like I’m getting something new and valuable every single session.

Elliot’s MP3’s are great for your warmup/cool down and 1-1 sessions are great way to tackle specific mental game issues you might have.

Brian Rast

I would highly recommend Elliot to anyone looking to improve their focus and mental approach to the game of poker. His techniques work.

Ben Heath

Winner of WSOP $50,000 High Roller

As poker gets more and more competitive, you really need to be on top of all aspects of your game to compete at the highest levels.

Elliot quickly identified issues I didn’t even know where affecting my game and helped me deal with the most important ones.

I can feel the difference every day, both when I play and in my personal life. The success I’ve had this year was in no small part because of my sessions with Elliot.

Jeff Gross

High-Stakes Pro & Content Creator

I started working with Elliot in August 2018, the day I found out my was pregnant! Both are significant events in my life.

I have been able to communicate with Elliot in a way that lets me get my vision down into a realistic plan of action, not just a lot of possibility.

Between the hypnotherapy and coaching, I have been able to execute on many of my goals and see my overall plans come to fruition.

I have seen the results not only in myself but in several of my closest friends that have had unimaginable success that I know Elliot is a big reason why.

Jason Koon

Elliot has helped me overcome and untangle past traumas in my mind that have hindered my present-day performance. I appreciate and look forward to each session I have with him. Each time I end a call with him, I am refreshed and more prepared to take on challenges that extend far beyond the felt.

Rory Young

Being a very skeptical person, I was initially hesitant when a friend recommended I do some work with Elliot.

However, after the first session I was immediately convinced of the value he could add to both my professional life and personal life. Working with Elliot has made me realize how important managing your mental game is when you play poker for a living. I was struggling with some things in my personal life heading into SCOOP and, after a session with Elliot, managed to work through them and get in the right headspace for the series.

I would highly recommend Elliot to anyone looking to reach their peak performance in any competitive environment.

Andoni Larrabe

2014 November Niner

I contracted Elliot’s service from a recommendation of a friend to prepare the Main Event Final table. At first I wasn’t sure if it would help me or not, but because of the big situation that I was on (playing for the title of the main event I decided to go ahead).

His relaxing and focusing techniques really helped me to focus and stay calm during almost the whole tournament, and I will recommend it to anyone looking to take the mental side of the game seriously.

Or even just for life situations in general.

Filipe Oliveira

When I started with Elliot, I was pretty deep in make-up and was miserable at life. With Elliot’s help, I was able to turn it around.

Now I am an owner of one of the biggest poker stables in the world, and I’ve won millions playing poker. He played a huge part in my success.

Eric Crain

Working with Elliot has been a godsend.

Before I met Elliot I was prone to making awful bankroll decisions and frequently had massive of tilt sessions. This led to losing two million dollar bankrolls in my life.

Since I started listening to Elliot’s Mp3s and working with him one on one, my mental game has improved immensely and my win rate is at an all-time high.I’m having my most consistent year ever and Elliot is the main reason why.


I’ve had 5 live sessions with Elliot and have come out of each one feeling loads better and realizing things that seemed super obvious after the fact.

Once you’re put into a situation where you’re able to fixate on things that might otherwise be afterthoughts because they seem small it’s really easy to deal and handle them.

If you even fear that you have mental leaks and take poker seriously the hourly is a steal and will pay for itself indefinitely.

Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet

Working with Elliot Roe has helped me recognize the root of some of my negative thought patterns and helped me work towards re- programming them.

While I already considered myself very professional and hard working Elliot helped me fine tune my game and life. Elliot has also had a positive influence on other aspects of my life and mentality.

I almost always leave sessions feeling more relaxed, determined, and focused.

Rob Tinnion

2x Sunday Million Winner and Pocarr Manager

Elliot has been one of the biggest influences to my game and my life.He provides a service that is unparalleled in our industry and I urge anyone who is serious about taking their game/life to the next level to work with him.

I also run the backing stable Pocarr, and we have purchased well in excess of 100 sessions with him and the feeling among our guys is mutual.The results speak for themselves.

Gabriel Goffi

I really recommend Elliot. He is one of the best mental coaches around and helped me a lot, not just with poker, but in all aspects of my life.Thanks for everything, Elliot.

Kristen Bicknell

GPI Female Player of the Year 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

I’m incredibly thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with Elliot throughout my poker career. He has undoubtedly been a pivotal aid to my success. Whether it be prepping before a big final table, or tackling mental struggles with poker or everyday life, a session with Elliot often feels like magic to shifting my focus and mindset. I’ve grown so much as a poker player, and as a person from working with him.

James “chess_is_ok” Gettinger

Before working with Elliot, mindset was a major deterrent to my gambling career.

He was the catalyst that propelled me from disappointing results to the top tier of DFS.

I wouldn’t be competing at the highest stakes without him.

Jason Koonce

In the high-stakes world of poker, as well as in the sports and memorabilia business where I broker 6 & 7 figure deals, I need a clear mind. Elliot gives that to me.

He is the master at crafting a vision and creating a mindset that makes business and life easier.

Mark Herm

Since I started coaching with Elliot, the changes have been profound.Through my sessions with Elliot I have become aware at how much fear interfered with my poker game.

I would play and all these issues I wasn’t fully aware of would pop up and it would cause me to spew.Through working with Elliot he dismantles these fears which allows me to play from the core of myself, the place that actually knows the right move to make at the right time.

The experience is intense and not always the most comfortable but I am super glad that I decided tocontact Elliot. His care and actual understanding of the poker mind blow me away.

Matt Berkey

Elliot Roe was recommended to me with the highest regards, and I can see why.

He was able to quickly identify some self-sabotage and other hurdles I was creating for myself, and we were able to work through them rather quickly.

Wayne Yap

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met Elliot just as I started playing the $500/$1000 games in Macau. I thought that helped more than anything in the world. Now as I move on from poker into the startup world, Elliot somehow manages to find a way to deliver even more value.

Alex Foxen

Former World’s #1 Poker Player

Elliot helped me overcome barriers to success in my subconscious that I wasn’t even aware existed. His expert understanding of emotions and mental processes helped me elevate my self-awareness and in turn my performance in nearly every facet of my life.

Whether at the poker table or in personal relationships, Elliot has helped me improve the way I see things.

Chalie Hook

High Stakes Poker Player

I started working with Elliot to improve my bankroll management and emotional stability when playing for very high stakes.

The early sessions working through my past had a huge impact on my poker and direction in life.

Surprisingly, the most value came from the work we’ve done after those issues were resolved.

I’ve become a more successful poker player, and a better father, friend and husband.

Knowing I have someone on hand to help me resolve any problem is invaluable, which is why I’ve worked with Elliot for 6 years and have no plans to stop.

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